Event Services

Your event will require the services of many different suppliers. This responsibility will bring its own challenges. Organizing and negotiating with all these various suppliers can be overwhelming and can keep you from reaching your own goals for the event. When you employ Event Partners we source and take care of all the suppliers that you need for your event. We have an extensive network of suppliers that we work with and we are familiar with their service offerings. We are in a good position to negotiate with our suppliers and to ensure that you get what you pay for - without being overcharged. Once we have appointed the best suppliers for the job, we continue to manage them to ensure they deliver a high standard. You can therefor concentrate on your goals for the event while we take care of the execution of services.

Event Services Include:

  • Security Services
  • Event Staff (Registration, Ticket Sales, Runners, Ushers, Promoters and more)
  • Bartenders & Hostesses
  • Entertainers
  • MC's & Speakers
  • Medics
  • Event Officers
  • Audio & Visual Suppliers
  • Photographer & Videographer
  • Cleaners
  • Decorators
  • Freight & Transport
  • Car Guards
  • Shuttle Services
  • DJ's and Musicians
  • Caterers
  • Landscapers
  • Set & Stand Builders
  • Florists
  • ...and many other suppliers depending on your event needs

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