Sponsorship Management

Sponsorship Management

Event Partners can manage your sponsorship and corporate social investment (CSI) budget/s. We will consult with you and suggest a strategy to best manage your sponsorship budgets according to your needs. We then find or create bespoke partnerships to ensure that we maximise your objectives. We find the right events that match your needs and brand communication. We negotiate with event and media owners to find the best match and value for your spend. We then manage all aspects of the sponsorship and activation on your behalf until completed.

Sponsorship Management Services Include:

  • Needs Analysis and consultation
  • Sponsorship Opportunity Spotting
  • Creation of new events to match sponsorship
  • Sponsorship Budget Management
  • Sponsorship Management and Liaisons with all parties
  • Event Liaisons
  • CSI Budget
  • Sponsorship and Brand Activation
  • Reporting
  • ...and much more depending on need analysis

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